Description of Services

Description of our Services

Therese Lahaie presenting at DLR Group, Los Angeles CA

Therese Lahaie presenting at DLR Group, Los Angeles CA


Innovators in LED Lighting

Registered AIA, IES, IDCEC CE training course.

• 5 Innovators in LED Lighting lunch & learn firm presentations to architects, engineers, and lighting designers:
Monthly Exposure 40 -70 specifiers

• 2 Lighting Layers classes annually: Exposure 10-30 firms

• 2 Mini Trade shows featuring your product at design showrooms, annually: Exposure 30-50 specifiers.

• 2 Bi-annual trips to LA, CA and Seattle, WA per year.

Total monthly in person slides & product presentations: 60-90 specifiers reporting:

  • A detailed monthly Excel report of current specifier contact information from all presentations.

  • A detailed monthly Excel report listing current projects with contacts from the firms we visit.

  • A list of identified projects specific to your products including a personal contact, project name and time frame.

  • Yearly Summary of firms presented to, identified projects and discussion of the opportunities in the upcoming year.

Why clients like us:  

  • Your company is one of many on your lighting agents line card and you want to keep them focused on your product. 
  • Your lighting company in new to the U.S Specifier Market place and needs exposure to compete with known players;
  • You are an OEM driver or light engine company that benefits from specifier education and loyalty;
  • Your company focus has changed and you need to reach a new audience.  For example: the product line was once residential and now engineered for commercial applications. 
  • You want honest specifier feedback about your product that is more likely to be expressed to a neutral party than you or your agent
  • Your agents get lists of firms that do lighting design in house, where they can provide support
  • Your agents get a list of specifiers in firms where they did not previously have contacts


What Else Do We Do?

  • Professional Association guest speaker for DLF, ASID, AIA, KNBA
  • Architectural lighting conference program advisorfor Lightspace California(Live Link)
  • Organizer of round table events and brain storming sessions for manufacturers with specifiers for product feedback.
  • Guides foreign lighting manufacturers in understanding the U.S Lighting marketplace including resources for UL, ETL and T-24 code requirements. 




Lead Generation Services:

  • Sample Product: presented to 60-90 specifiers per month. Samples are illuminated, shared, design solutions discussed.

  • Innovators in LED Lighting: (1 AIA, IDCEC, IES CEU)training utilizes interactive product demonstrations to increases specifier fluency in LED lighting technology emphasizing how this knowledge is essential for successful design projects.

  • Lighting Layers Class: 2 hour (2 AIA, IDCEC, IES CEU’s) – product demonstration of lighting layers applications to enhance the 3 dimensionality of architectural space. Includes hands on project utilizing your products as lighting layers solution for a large residential lobby project.

  • Bi-Annual Mini Trade: ASID, NKBA, AIA professional association with Apparatus Design as invited guest speaker. Table top displays for manufacturers.

  • Bi-Annual Los Angeles, CA Seattle, WA presentations: Los Angeles and Seattle AIA Lunch & Learn presentations in working in conjunction with local agents.


Apparatus Design is an AIA, IES, IDCEC in person educational lead generation program for lighting manufacturers and their local agents.

This affordable non-commission-based advertising, specifying, and lead generating program works great in our market place.”

- Wain Mailhot, Director of NW Sales, Lunera Lighting