Social Light

Social Light

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Greetings from Therese Lahaie and Apparatus Design. We’d like to introduce you to Social Light, a new venture inspired by the changing world’s need for innovation and meaningful social change.

Our goal is to provide the design world a way to promote projects that reach beyond the bottom line to bring about good.

Social Light is designed to achieve both objectives in the following ways:

Your project will be featured in a monthly-dedicated email blast to 3000 top lighting designers and architects that are personally known to us through our training program, Innovators in LED Lighting. Our clients have first choice on email campaign dates, and you can provide content for one campaign per quarter.

What’s included:

- Email campaign to our database of 3000 specifiers with 26% open rate and 8% click rate

- LinkedIn post and article

- Twitter

- Apparatus Design website events calendar

For additional information contact Therese Lahaie at Apparatus Design

Please consider how your company contributes to socially responsible projects, and send us links to articles or information about how your projects relate to the following categories:

1 Educational topics: Exciting product innovation not yet unavailable in the marketplace.

2 Educational events: What events are you participating in and what is its impact?

3 Pro bono work: Did your company support a good cause, if so please let us know.

4 Socially responsible design. Was your project included in any non-profit, philanthropic or community projects?