Educational Lead Generation Services for Manufacturers…

In 2010, Apparatus Design was founded as an educational lead generation program for LED lighting manufacturers and their local agents. We are a AIA, IDCED provider and have presented to over 2500 architects, engineers and guest lighting designers that present with me. The 45 minute training called Innovators in LED Lighting uses LED products across applications to educate specifiers on the technical language of LED technology.

“Apparatus Design’s service is a bargain at several times the price. This non-commission-based advertising, specifying, and lead generating program works great in our market place.” 
Wain Mailhot
Director of NW Sales
Lunera Lighting

Benefits of inclusion in the Innovators in LED Lighting:

  • A high number of firm principles attend due to our AIA & IDCEC CEU.
  • Increased name recognition for your product in a competitive marketplace.
  • Demonstrations of how your product is engineered to address the challenges of LED lighting technology.
  • Apparatus Design invited as a guest speaker with a variety of professional associations such as the DLF, ASID, AIA, IIDA, KNBA.
  • Get honest feedback on your product and performance from a neutral party.

Apparatus Design is a registered AIA-CES and IDCEC provider.

Educational Lead Generation Services and Deliverables

  • Five AIA Lunch & Learn presentations per month to architects, engineers, lighting designers, electrical contractors. Exposure to 40-60 specifiers regionally. (Luncheon costs are shared between manufacturers.)
  • Bi-monthly Lighting Layers hands on class at the AIA SF and local showrooms. Monthly exposure 15 – 25 firms
  • AIA Local Chapter presentations on an annual basis. Exposure to 10–30 specifiers.
  • Professional Association mini trade shows at Showrooms. Exposure to 50 specifiers. Annual exposure 75-100 firms.
  • Not more than 12 manufacturers will be included in the presentations with only one manufacturer per application.


  • A detailed monthly Excel report of specifier contact information from all presentations for your marketing purposes.
  • A detailed monthly Excel report of describing what is currently on the boards for the firm and firm focus.
  • A list of identified projects specifically for your products, including a personal contact, project name and time frame.
  • Yearly summary of firms presented to, identified projects and discussion of the opportunities in the upcoming year..
  • Content list follow up sent to all attendees with links to your product, and your local agent.

Additional Lead Generation Services

  • Featured Manufacturer: Present your products in person. Manufacturers are paired up with the audience that specifies their products.
  • Sample Product: presented to 15 firms per quarter. Samples are illuminated and passed around so that specifiers hold them and see how they are engineered.
  • Email blasts and social media: invitations to our mailing list and followers to your trade show events..

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